Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Britt World Wide - 6 Rules

“Britt World Wide System is a successful business organization also famously knows ‘Britt System’ is a company (BWW LLC) who empowers entrepreneurs and teaches them Business System to enhance there Business skills especially in Network Marketing Business..”

BWW helps the IBO’s (Independent Business Owners) in Multi-level marketing via its Successful system called Britt System via its tools and products like Books, Tapes, Seminars and Functions which are recorded during there famous network marketing seminars, Meetings with companies like Amway etc. Bill Britt and Peggy Britt are Crown Ambassadors in Amway Business and also founders of BWW LLC.

Britt has a global support system around the world in almost all the countries and is one of the biggest partners of Quixtar network marketing company. The Books, Tapes and Videos available with BWW has live success stories of IBO’s who achieved its Dreams and Goal already are on path of success. Britt uses this tools for new and old entrepreneurs, leadership in MLM companies.

Britt India and Amway India are a very good example of Successful Network Marketing and Support System with its power of duplication and learning system to build a successful business Network empowering people around the world in countries like Canada, UK, US, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Brazil, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Argentina, South Africa, India, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zea land offices.

Specialty of Britt System is the way the whole training and mentoring process taken care for new IBO’s as well as the Leaders of the system. Below are some activities done by them which are equally followed around the world :

1. BWW Team Meeting.

2. BWW PASE Meetings (Not organized by BWW, But the system is followed).

3. BWW 4 basic steps for contact invite and business distribution start up.

4. BWW 9 core steps to be followed by every IBO.

5. BWW 3 cardinal rules & 3 Powers.

6. BWW Glossary and Terms

Bill Britt personally does and recommends the 3 cardinal rules, from which mostly talked and a universal principle is ‘Power Of Spoken Words’.

Official Website of Britt World Wide web support and details is http://www.bww.com and http://www.brittindia.com

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